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  Lubomir M. Gueorguiev, Ph.D. - President

Dr. Lubomir M. Gueorguiev, is President and Director Research & Development of Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. He is also President of Computer Network Communications, Inc. Dr. Gueorguiev has served as a Sr. Executive and V.P. of TradeNet International, L.L.C. and L&T Financial Services Corporation. Dr. Lubomir Gueorguiev is teaching Commodity and Futures Trading Classes at Purdue University. Formerly, he held high level academic and research positions in Nuclear and Space Physics at National and International research laboratories and universities. Dr. Gueorguiev is also an honorary Chairman of the Business Advisory Council at the National Congressional Committee in Washington, D.C. He received a Businessman of the Year 2003 award and was named to the 2003 Republican Chairman's Honor Roll.

Dr. Gueorguiev has entered the capital markets industry as an Institutional Trader and President of Investment Club. As a Director R&D he created and successfully executed Stock Trading Strategies such as Operating Cycle Analysis, Earning Estimates Trading, NASDAQ Level II Machine, etc. He was responsible for development of standards and indicators for all aspects of market performance and for provision of economic and financial analysis. He has also implemented systems to capture & track key financial, statistical and productivity data.

Dr. Gueorguiev is a commodity futures trader and consultant to domestic and international clients. He has extensive experience in analysis and prediction of US Economy measurement indicators and their impact on the markets, as well as in commodity futures trading system development, testing and optimization. His proprietary research and studies in Financial Investment Analysis & Commodity Futures Trading include development of computational techniques and advanced computerized trading systems and models. Dr. Gueorguiev is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor.

  Irena S. Nikolova - Economist, Market Research Analyst

Irena S. Nikolova, has been both an academic and a practicing securities analyst and investment strategist. As an economist/market research analyst at Commodity Futures Trading, Mrs. Nikolova is responsible for devising methods and procedures for economic and market data retrieval, studying US and global macroeconomic data and statistics, while conducting investment research in the field of finance and futures markets. 

While working as an economist at CompuNet Communications, she was responsible for both studying economic and equity market data, and performing stock technical, fundamental and operational cycle analysis. As an investment professional, she has been a Managing Director of L&T Financial Services Corporation, where she worked for 3 years as a securities analyst, economist, investment strategist, and consultant. Prior to this, Ms. Nikolova worked at the National Statistical Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria.

In addition to her excellent background in economics and virtually all aspects of the investment field, Mrs. Nikolova has had a great deal of experience in operating specialized investments electronic tools. Her academic experience includes university teaching in statistics, finance, and economics. With this background, Mrs. Nikolova possesses the academic training needed to master the theoretical studies and materials required by the CFT research program, the practical experience of an investment analyst, and the teaching experience needed to clearly communicate this knowledge to others. 

Irena Nikolova is an honors graduate of University of National & World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria, where she specialized in Quantitative Methods/Statistics and Econometrics. 

  Irina Akishina - Director East Europe Division, Branch Manager Moscow Office: +7 495 130 6684

Irina Akishina is a Director of the Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. Eastern Europe Division and Branch Manager of the corporate office in Moscow.  She is responsible for promoting commodity futures trading opportunities to prospective partners, mass media and ensuring that all operations adhere to both US and Russian law.

 Irina Akishina has a MS degree in Physics & Mathematics and degree in Psychology.  Prior to joining the Commodity Futures Trading, Inc. she  was a Russia Regional Director of the USA Eurasia Foundation - one of the most prominent financial organizations, well-known in the post-Soviet countries as the strongest and the most professional grant operator in the area of business, self-governance and pubic advocacy development. Being a part of the Eurasia Foundation, Ms. Akishina gained experience of strategic and organizational development, financial analyses and program management. This knowledge became a key-stone for a series of leadership, project management and organization development trainings for partners, which were successfully presented by Irina in the 12 countries of former Soviet Union. 

In addition to her excellent background in the Eurasia, Ms. Akishina was a financial analyst, advisor and an auditor for Russian businesses, which made there first steps in the 90s. Other areas where she applied her talents were the establishment of client services, business processes and technologies. In 2004, Ms. Akishina was certifies by the Open University (UK) as a Manager for Business Planning, Development and Changes.