"Hot Quote" Screen

Once successfully logging on to J-Trader, you can begin by setting up your "Hot Quotes" screen for trading by selecting the 'New' icon at the bottom of the J-Trader banner screen (located to the right of the "Tools" menu. Windows can be aligned by selecting 'Tile Horizontal/Tile Vertical' icons once a screen has been created.

The 'Hot Quotes' screen is one of the many screens that you can trade directly off of. You can use the relevant buttons at the bottom of the screen to add, remove, or move up or down any contracts that are added. You "Add" contracts by selecting the and expanding the list of available symbols/contracts under each exchange by clicking the "+" next to each. When there are no more '+' symbols you can either select individual contract maturities or press the spacebar to include all those that are highlighted.

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