Other Order Types

Alternatively, for non-marekt or limit orders, the green 'Trade' button at the bottom right side of the screen can be used to generate a trade ticket to submit all other valid order types accepted by Vision.

(Note: Price history, in the form of a Last Trade spreadsheet and chart are available double-clicking the "Last" price of the desired contract.)
If you desire to trade inter-commodity spreads, J-Trader excels in its capacity to handle these more complex orders through the use of a Matrix Screen.

By clicking on the 'Commodity' button at the bottom of the screen you will be able to define the commodities spreads that you want to track. The 'Contracts' button displays a list of all the tradable months within that commodity. Clicking on any of these months will auto-generate your spread matrix. You can trade from the resulting matrix in the same ways you can from the 'Hot Quotes' screen. One additional benefit of using this matrix view is the ability to see simultaneous Bid/Ask depth by clicking on the Month/Year value of the commodity. Here we have clicked Dec01 for the Euro and we see all bids and offers on our desired instrument.

Again, a limit order is just a single click away.

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